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September, 2018年

We are pleased to annonce that we’ll organize a Bof session Pros and Cons of HPCx benchmarks during SC18. Schedule: Nov 12 (Tue) 12:15-13:15 D174 Erich Strohmaier Walter Lioen (slides) Kei Hiraki (slides) Jun Makino (slides) (Jose Gracia) (John Shalf) Abstract HPL has been and still is the single most widely used benchmark for the…続きを読む

Oct 5 R-CCS Cafe

category : Seminar 2018年9月20日 

Makino will give the following talk in R-CCS Cafe on Oct 5. Title: Toward a Science of HPC software (and hardware) Abstract: In the last three decades, it has been becoming more and more difficult to achieve high, or even modest efficiency on advanced HPC systems. As everybody here in R-CCS knows, the development of…続きを読む

Seminar by Dr. Fukagawa

category : 未分類 2018年9月9日 

Date and Time: Sep. 11, 1:30pm- 2:30 pm Speaker: Dr. Hiroki Fukagawa (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty Of Engineering, Kyushu University) Place: CPS, Integrated Research Center, Kobe University (http://www.oair.kobe-u.ac.jp/ir/map-en.html) Title: Ultra-large-scale fluid-structure coupling analysis solver for sub-trillion degrees of freedom

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