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Seminar by Josh Barnes

category : Seminar 2015年4月20日 

Josh Barnes of Hawaii University, well known for the Barnes-Hut tree algorithm, will give a seminar on Apr 22, Wednesday, at the Seminar room (1F) of AICS. Those who interested, please join!

Reconstructing Galaxy Collisions: an Ensemble Approach.

Collisions are major chapters, and often defining events, in a
galaxy’s history. By reconstructing the ongoing collisions we
observe among nearby galaxies, we gain insight into galaxy
evolution. But observations don’t provide enough information for
unique reconstructions: We can only observe three of the six
phase-space coordinates of the luminous material, and use that to
constrain the distribution of dark matter. Our best option is to
identify an /ensemble/ of models, all matching the observations of a
particular system. I will describe an algorithm which is capable of
generating such ensembles. Refining, testing, and evaluating model
ensembles may be a suitable project for large-scale computing.


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