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First Circular 

Dear Colleagues:

It is my pleasure to welcome you all as participants of the Kobe workshop,
July 22 through August 23, 2013, which will start in a week and a bit.
Our apologies for the late notice, but it turned out that until this
week there were still uncertainties in the scheduling of some of the
major participants.  However, now everything has been decided, and
actually on the same dates as I have mentioned to many of you earlier
as tentative dates.  (So nothing has changed in the last two months, other
than that the tentative dates have now become the same real fixed dates)

First things first: if you have any question about any logistical aspects
of your visit, please contact Miyuki Tsubouchi, Jun Makino’s assistant,
at <anu@mail.jmlab.jp>.  She can help you with reimbursement, housing,
as well as advice about travel.

Secondly, here is the list of participants: http://www.jmlab.jp/?page_id=113

And here is a description of our plans, which I have already mailed quite
a while ago to most of you.

Jun Makino and I are organizing a very informal “working workshop” on
the topic of Large-Scale Simulations of the Formation and Evolution of
Planetary Systems, in Kobe, Japan, during a five-week period from July
22 through August 23, this summer, 2013.

The location of Kobe is chosen because of the K-computer, two years ago
the world’s fastest super-computer, built and run by the Japanese RIKEN
organization, which is providing the funding for workshops like the one
we are now organizing.

With “working workshop” we envision typically only one talk per day,
while the rest of the time is left free for participants to engage in
discussions, which may or may not result in spontaneous collaborations.

Individual participants can visit for any length of time, from a few days
to one or more weeks, as they prefer.  We will reimburse airplane fare
to and from Kobe, as well as lodging in Kobe.

In the middle of our five-week “working workshop” we will also hold a
two-day “talking workshop”, on August 7-8, during which we will have
more talks, more like a typical workshop.  This workshop, too, will be
very informal.  Our main topic will be planetary formation and early
evolution.  We will kick off with talks by Bill Bottke and Hal Levison,
and then we’ll take it from there.  If you are interested in giving a
brief talk during those two days, please let me know (at piet@ias.edu),
and I will try to coordinate the speakers.  However, our emphasis
during the talking workshop too will be discussions more than speeches.

Looking forward to seeing you in Kobe!

Greetings from Jun,



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