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Program on 7-8 Aug 

Here is the complete program for our August 7-8 workshop, now including the titles of the first two talks as well.

August 7:

10:00: talk by Bill Bottke, on Exploring the Early Bombardment of the Solar System
11:00: discussion

11:30: lunch

13: 00 Tour of the K-Computer center. (AICS building)

14:00: talk by Hal Levison, on Tackling Some Issues in Planet Formation — From Mars’s Size to a Fast Formation of Neptune
15:00: discussion

16:00: talk by Koji Wada, on numerical simulation of dust aggregate collisions
16:30: talk by Hiroshi Kobayashi, on critical importance of erosive collisions in collisional cascades

17:00: seafood BBQ (charge:2,000 Yen)

August 8:

10:00: talk by Junko Kominami, on planetesimal binary formation in the outer regions of the planetary disk
10:30: talk by Ryuji Morishima, on implementation of mvs integrators
to cosmological N-body codes

11:00: talk by Hanno Rein, about the use of open source in astrophysics
11:30: discussion about the use of open source in astrophysics

12:00: lunch

14:00: talk by Jun Makino, on exascale computing
14:30: discussion about exascale computing

15:00: general discussion
17:00: end


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